• The Elite Daily Fee •

From 1995 through 2001, mid-Atlantic golfers experienced a golfing revolution.  In that short seven year period, over forty “upscale” courses opened for business within an hour of Washington DC and Richmond.  Golfers rejoiced as a true “buyer’s market” emerged and they were given greater tee time availability with good course conditions, fast greens, excellent customer service and “development-free” golf courses. 
Supply soon outweighed demand and the golfing environment changed.  Owners with courses tied to residential development lined their fairways with single family homes and townhouses.  Stand alone facilities cut back on service and conditioning. The word “upscale,” so long a reliable and recognizable predictor of the golfing experience one could expect at any facility referred to as “upscale,” lost its meaning.
Around 2001 a new kind of golf facility began to emerge.  For  golfers who appreciated great design in a natural, beautiful setting, with perfect conditions, first class customer service and quality food and beverage.  Bulle Rock opened to the North.  Stonewall to the West.  Lighthouse Sound to the East.  These "Elite Daily Fees" thrive as avid, knowledgeable golfers select the finest golf experiences.
Mattaponi Springs- the southern “Elite Daily Fee.”